Detoxification of the Body is a Necessary Function of the Whole Body

Detox and detoxification are very common words in our society today. In the drug addiction world (treatment and use/abuse) it usually means getting off drugs or not using drugs. To others it means removing toxins or poisons from the body most often with a colon cleanse. There is nothing wrong with a colon cleanse. It will detoxify the colon. The body has a very complex detoxification system and very efficient detoxification system when it is working properly. Now let’s look at detoxification in the body.

The body was created with many levels of detoxification or cleansing of the body’s systems. The ability for the body to detoxify is a major determinant of a person’s health. Toxins are created in the body by our food intake especially those containing additives. The air we breathe contains toxins. Heavy metals are a major problem to some. Things like solvents, pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals add to the possibilities. Drugs of all kinds can add to the problem. The list could go on but I think you get the idea. Toxins are everywhere and affect our body functions, especially, if we are not aware of what we need to do to help this system of detoxification function better.

Once the body’s own detoxification system is overloaded, toxic metabolites may accumulate and we become progressively more sensitive to other chemicals some of which are not normally toxic. This accumulation of toxins can wreak havoc on our normal metabolic processes.

Detoxification of harmful substances is a continuous process in the body systems. The liver, intestines, and the kidneys are the primary organs of detoxification. How well this system functions is a determinant on how healthy a person is and how many harmful, or even substances that normally are not toxic but have become toxic, are present in the body. The body eliminates these toxins either by directly neutralizing the toxins or by excreting them in the urine and or feces. To a lesser degree some toxins are removed through the skin and by the lungs. The toxins that the body does not eliminate build up in the body tissues and are usually stored in the fatty cells in the body. Once they are stored in the fatty cells they may release back into the body at any time. When this happens it may create a problem for the body and cause the body (or a body system) not to function properly.

The liver is a complex organ that plays a very important, even a key role, in most metabolic processes and especially in the detoxification process. The liver is in a state of constant bombardment with toxic chemicals, those produced internally and those from an external source such as the environment. The liver when properly functioning filters blood to remove large toxins, synthesizes and secretes bile full of cholesterol and other fat-soluble toxins and enzymatically disassembles unwanted chemicals. The enzymatic process usually occurs in two steps or phases. Phase I chemically modifies the chemicals to make them an easier target for one or more than one of the several Phase II enzyme systems. The liver filters approximately 2 quarts of blood every minute. When working properly the liver clears about 99% of the bacteria and toxins from the blood before it re-enters general circulation. The liver manufactures about 1 quart of bile per day.

The bile that is manufactured in liver serves as a carrier for many toxic substances. The bile is sent to the intestines, and is absorbed by the fiber we eat and is excreted. If we don’t eat sufficient fiber the bile is not absorbed in the intestines and is re-absorbed by the intestine and the bacteria may modify the toxins and they become even more damaging. The liver also emulsifies fats and fat-soluble vitamins in the intestine and improves their absorption. Phase I detoxification involves a group of enzymes that metabolize different chemicals with varying degrees of efficiency. Many chemicals are neutralized in Phase I. Some chemicals are converted to intermediate forms and processed by Phase II enzymes. The Phase I process creates free radicals that must be processed and if not they will cause many problems. There are certain amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals needed in this process. These include L-cysteine, L-glutamine, L-glutathione, copper, magnesium, zinc, selenium, choline, betaine, molybdenum, folic acid, vitamin B5, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, and vitamin C. As you can see, for the enzymes to work properly they need nutrients.

As you can see the body has great system for detoxification. However, we put so many things in our bodies that the detoxification system never seems to work as it should. We don’t eat right. The air we breathe is not always clean. The things we clean with are not always healthy to our bodies. The medicines we take have side effects which are detrimental to the body’s detoxification system. It almost seems that living has become detrimental to the body’s detoxification system. How do we know if the liver is not functioning properly? Check the list below and if any apply to you, you may need to do some of the things that are talked about in the next paragraph.
• More than 20 pounds overweight
• Diabetes
• History of heavy alcohol or drug use (including antibiotics, diuretics, anti-inflammatory drugs, thyroid, or hormones)
• Psoriasis
• Steroid use
• Oral contraceptives or estrogen use
• High exposure to chemicals, cleaning supplies, pesticides, etc
• History of hepatitis

There are some no nonsense things that you can do to improve your situation. You can eat a diet that focuses on fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. You can adopt a healthier lifestyle avoiding many of the toxins listed above as well as alcohol and drugs. You can take a high potency multi- vitamin and mineral supplement such as Nutridone. You can use herbal supplements such as Milk Thistle that will support the liver function. You can fast. You can use herbal cleanses (Such as Ultra Herbal Cleanse) that help support the body’s detoxification system. For someone starting a diet to lose weight a whole body detoxification or cleanse may be a good way to start. These are some of the best things you can don to promote a healthy body detoxification system.

What Are Characteristic Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Since its discovery in the year 1906, in a span of little more than one century. the disease has become the 4th largest killer after heart disease, cancer and Tuberculosis(TB) in country like the US, the U. K, Japan And other developed countries where Average life span of an individual is above 60. Any people above 60 is vulnerable to this disease. the chances of vulnerability to the disease increases as the people above 60 keeps on gaining age higher than 60. the older the age of a person, the more vulnerable a person becomes to this disease.

The disease is more commonly known as the disease of memory loss of the elderly people or the disease of forgetfulness as the affected people begin gradually to loose from his or her memory whatever he or she has store in their brain. As a result of this an affected person forgets name even of his near and dear, friends, relatives. He or she even forgets faces even of his or her son, daughter and others known to him or her. The affected person forgets many details of his daily activities and his or her life this is why a person suffering from this disease has to depend on others for almost every kind of activities of life.

What is the precise reason of this Alzheimer Disease? No one knows the answer. The discipline of modern medicine is still groping in the darkness to find the exact reason behind the onset of the disease, more particularly in the elderly people of our species of mankind. The progress of science and technology, especially the progress of medical sciences in the last hundred years , and our strong will power to fight against the dreaded diseases of human species have enabled us to conquer many infectious and non-infectious disease, such as T. B, Cholera. Malaria and other numerous diseases for which drug cure is available as protection against those diseases.

Alzheimer`s Disease is a very important and worrisome exceptions for which there is no treatment leading to cure. This is why a person with this disease can not lead normal life like all other human beings. As the disease progresses, because of no treatment available. a patient gradually becomes incapable to carry out even the daily routine activity of his or her life. Life becomes increasingly dependent on the family members for anything and everything, that is, from the time up wake up in the morning till the time a patients falls sleep.

As there is no treatment leading to cure from this disease, a growing number of elderly persons is falling the victims of this disease. You will be very much surprised if you Know how many people in the world has fallen victim of this disease and are forced to lead a life nobody desires. The figure is quite staggering -more than 30 million people. this is not the last figure :more frightening is the fact that this number is increasing fast and more and more people is falling in the net of the disease.

The disease creates more problem as not only the treatment but even the diagnosis of the disease is not 100 percent sure. There are no direct tests known that can fully ascertain the disease in an individual. Whatever tests are available to modern medicine today is all indirect. As Alzheimer Disease is one of the diseases of failure of memory system. It means that there are other diseases of memory loss. How an expert physician diagnoses the disease is that he conducts the tests for all other disease of memory loss and if all of them prove negative, the concerned physician assumes that the person undergoing the test is most possibly suffering from Alzheimer`s Disease. Thus the test for Alzheiner’s is indirect and speculative.

So, a question can arise in the mind of a person how he or she can be 100 percent sure about the disease? The answer is that it is possible only after he or she dies! This is because that after the death, a portion of his or her brain will be extracted as a sample and put under a microscope to search for whether the sample has fragmented mass of brain tissue which is the only characteristic of the disease.

Why there is no direct and single test for this disease available for this disease also?the answer is quite simple :nobody knows the precise reason of the disease. Until the precise reason becomes known to the scientists they will not be able to invent a procedure that can directly test the disease as in the cases of AIDS, cancer, T.B. and most other diseases.

In the absence of any precise diagnosis how can one know that he or she is gradually victimised by the disease?It is very difficult to know the very early stage of the Disease. When the disease progresses to an intermediate stage, lapses in the memory system starts becoming clearer and the people around the person suffering from the disease begins to notice that something is going wrong with the person.

What happens to the brain of the elderly person leading to a medical condition of permanent forgetness? In fact the onset of the disease in a person begins in a person something leading to gradual destruction of the matter that compose the brain. As the disease progresses, increasing contents of the brain of an affected person is destroyed by the disease. and as you know that it is the brain which holds everything we learnt and remembered. So, when the contents of the brain is lost the memory stored in that part of the brain is also lost. This loss causes many kinds of disabilities over the course of time.

Scientifically speaking,our brain has following functional divisions : (1) The largest part is,as they call, the Cerebrum,(2) the Cerebellum,and (3) the Brain Stem. They work together to support all your mental and physical activities,anything you do knowingly and unknowingly:from the time you wake to the time you fall in the sleep and also during the period of sleep.In other words It is the brain that makes everything in your life possible.

The disease of Alzheimer does not spare any area of the brain unaffected,it gradually attacks and affects all areas of brain in the people suffering from this disease. As the disease keeps on affecting various parts of the brain of the sufferer, new symptoms keep on emerging and this keeps on until the death of the person.

The following is the list of symptoms or mental and physical disabilities manifesting in those suffering from this disease:

1. problem of recent memory loss
2. Problem of Attention
3. Problem of Language
4. Problem in generation of speech
5. Problem in social behavior
6. Problem in emotion
7. Problem of movement of body part
8. Problem in identifying of body parts
9. Problem of self identification
10. Problem of unawareness of space/locality / time
11. problem of sleep
12. Problem of writing
13. Problem of visual attention
14. Problem of identifying object
15. Problem of reading
16. Problem of hearing
17. Problem of irritability / anger
18. problem in recognition of face
19. Problem of long term memory
20. Problem of sense of smell
21. Problem of control on emotion
22. Problem of recent memory loss
23. Coordination of fine movement
24. Problem in holding objects
25. Problem in making rapid movement

The above information is the outcome of the research carried out in our Alpha Brain & Yoga Research Institute on the patients of Alzheimer Disease.

The Correlation Between Drug Abuse And Healthcare Costs

A study conducted by an organization known as Monitoring the Future, found that 47% of teenagers had involved used illegal drugs before they completed high school. This is not only a problem attributed to the youth, since it is found in adults too. Illegal drugs have a detrimental effect on the livelihoods of the people who use them, making it a national concern. People have lost their lives, and caused untold pain to those who are around them. These drugs have also led to a high level of crime, an issue, which has led to the formation of enforcement agencies, to fight the vice. There is a significant relationship between Drug Abuse and Health Care Cost.

How the abuse of drugs affects healthcare costs.

People who use illegal drugs spend a lot of time in medical facilities, due to a myriad of problems brought about by consumption of the drugs. These drugs affect your health directly by compromising your immune system. If you abuse drugs, you will always be suffering from one illness to another, thereby resulting in more visits to the hospital, than you would, if you were not abusing the drugs. This considerably increases the cost of health care per capita. Insurance companies that provide healthcare schemes are therefore forced to increase the amount of money that you pay, in the form of premiums. Government healthcare schemes are also stretched thus, providing lower cover for people. Drug abuse also has an indirect effect on the cost of healthcare. Scores of people around you will be affected when you abuse drugs. Accidents, on people who do not use drugs, caused by people who are under the influence of drugs are on the increase. These people need medical care, and therefore have to spend large sums of money, treating a condition that was not of their own doing. This is how drugs, directly and indirectly, affect the cost of healthcare provision.

Apart from increasing the cost of providing emergency medical response to people who abuse drugs, a large volume of financial resources goes into curative drug abuse programs. These are programs designed to help you stop abusing drugs. The reason why they are expensive is because they take a long time to have any measurable effect, and they are conducted by highly paid professionals. Drug rehabilitation programs have a draining effect on the exchequer. A lot of taxes are used in creating programs that help people to stop using drugs. Private medical care schemes also spend a lot of money in paying for private rehabilitation of drug addicts in clinics or at home. The costs are further increased by the fact that you still have to be monitored after you leave a rehabilitation facility. This is done so you do not suffer a relapse, and end up where you began.

How you can help lower the healthcare costs brought about by drug abuse.

The first step towards lowering this cost is to stay away from drugs in the first place. Get involved with your peers, and other members of your community, to educate people on the dangers of abusing these drugs. Your efforts will reduce the cost of providing healthcare to drug addicts. If you, or anyone you know, are abusing drugs, you should seek immediate help from a professional. The cost of rehabilitation can be reduced considerably, if you make a personal commitment to staying away from illicit drugs. If you go through a rehabilitation program, only to relapse later, you will have increased the national cost of healthcare provision.

The untold story of abusing prescription drugs

Although the abuse of illegal drugs is a primary concern, when it comes to the cost of providing healthcare, the abuse of prescription drugs, to a lesser extent, also contributes to this issue. When you are addicted to prescription drugs, you will have to spend a lot of money buying the drugs, when you do not need them. To stop this, you should use all prescription drugs according to the directions given by your physician. Do not use the drugs, for a longer period than that prescribed. If you do not get better, you should visit your physician who will give you an alternative treatment.